‘The Simpsons’ is one of the longest running animated comedy. It’s about a family living in the Springfield town in the U.S. Homer is the head of the family. He struggles to lead his family. The series started in 1989 and is still running successfully. This blog is about this famous animated comedy series ‘The Simpsons’. Here, you will find review and comments on every episode that has been shown. So, I’ll be actually taking you to back to all those episodes and remind you how they were.

Throughout the years, I think the series has lost its popularity. It used to be the best program on television once. But why has the popularity declined or why is it failing to attract audiences like before? We will discuss all these issues in this blog. We will discuss my favorite characters in the series and comment on the different characters.

If you are a Simpson fan, you will enjoy reading this blog. In this blog, I share my true feelings that I have in this series that I loved so much. I want you to share your opinion as well. So, I’ve opened a forum where we can discuss things about this program. Thank you for visiting my blog.