5 things you didn’t know about The Simpsons

The Simpsons have shown 500 episodes. This famous TV series has created a wealth of media and merchandising. There has been a movie, various tops, and a theme park ride too! Here are five interesting things you probably didn’t know about The Simpsons.

Matt Groening made his living with newspaper comic strip

Matt Groening used to write a comic strip ‘Life in Hell’. It was how a rabbit looked at the world. This strip caught the attention of production designer Polly Platt and then Groening was asked to do short cartoons for a sketch series.

The series is based on Matt Groening’s family

His father is actually like Homer, his mother like Margaret and the names of his younger sisters were Lisa and Maggie. The character Brat is based on himself and his brother.

Fox wanted to stop the ‘Simpsons’ cartoons

Each episode of the cartoons cost about $15,000 to produce. However, the audiences didn’t give good ratings to the program. So, Fox wanted to stop the cartoon. But Brooks, the co-creator, saw high potential in it and didn’t stop the program.

Homer’s voice is downloaded as GPS voice by many people

Homer has a very distinctive voice. In 2009, Tom Tom hired Castellaneta to record directions for the voice of Homer. It is now one of the most downloaded voices in the world. After the success of this venture, Tom Tom hired Julie Kavner to record the voice of Marge Simpson as well.

A real Simpson home is built in Nevada

Fox and Pepsi built a Simpson house for the winner of a competition. But the winner took the cash prize instead of the house. So, the house has become a tourist place for The Simpsons fans now. It looked just like the house in the TV series till 2001. After that, it was repainted and refurbished to match the neighborhood. People started living in it and now it’s just an ordinary house.

There are so many interesting things about this TV series. I am sure many of you were not aware of the things that are just mentioned. These facts make the series more interesting.

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