4 reasons why Homer should have his son build their home’s fence

Homer’s son Bart Simpson is a very rebellious boy. He is after all the mischievous acts and always keeps his family tensed. He doesn’t listen to his father at all. Homer is planning to put a new fence around his house and he decides to call his son to help him. Here are some reasons why it’s a good idea.

Learn a new skill

By helping Homer to build the fence, Bart will be able to learn a new skill. His concentration will be at the work rather than doing something mischievous. This skill will later help him in his life and make him more confident and independent. And with the mess they will make they will need to hire a grab loader as well so Bart will get the joy of watching a cool machinery in action


Life is just fun for Bart. He doesn’t think about his family. He is busy with his naughty stuff. By assigning Bart a particular project, like building a fence, he will learn to be responsible.


Bart takes his parents for granted. He doesn’t listen to them at all. By seeing his father making the fence he will realize how much hard work he has to do to maintain the family. Bart will learn to respect his father this way.

Sense of achievement

By successfully making a fence with his father, Bart will get a sense of achievement. He gets the same feeling when he does something mischievous, but this time he will feel it for doing something positive. So, he will learn to do good things.

Bart will learn something new that is positive and will help him later in his life. He will learn to be responsible and will start respecting his family.


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